Swimming Pool Heating Harrogate Yorkshire

Swimming Pool Heating Harrogate Yorkshire

Fantastic solar thermal installation by Alan Leighton (Hull) usingthe Award Winning TS300 Panels and completed in summer so we all got a nice sun tan in the process. Customer was spending over £6000 on gas to heat his swimming pool!! With a large south facing roof Leighton’s install an array of solar thermal panel’s too heat the pool. The panels were integrated into the slate roof for a

Slate In Roof Panels


Clean, sharp & roof integrated to alleviate the panels being cooled from the wind. As a bonus we also linked the panels to the main house hot water system..! with such a large array of panels the system heats the customers 300 Litre hot water cylinder first and then the pool providing the customer with FREE hot water and a very large saving on the pool heating cost, the payback was very quick indeed.

Water Swimming Pool Heating Plant Room & Heat Exchanger


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