Algarve – Kill your Swimming Pool Energy Bills

Algarve villa solar water survey Santa Bárbara de Nexe In the coming months we will be be installing a solar swimming pool system to reduce the electricity bills. Current actual spend (2016) 750 euros/month during the summer months and 400 euros/month during the winter months. The hot tub will be heated by solar thermal panels as will the swimming pool. A major contributor to the electricity cost being the swimming pool & hot tub. There is also an irrigation system at the property [...]

50 Years Heating Ireland

A steady Family business synonymous with Plumbing & Heating in Wexford, Ireland. Following in his fathers plumbing footsteps, Peter first opened the doors in October 1967. Based 3km South of Wexford the Company has grown from strength to strength and earned an honest and excellent reputation in Ireland.  Using quality materials and working to a high standard, PJ FIRMAN & Co Ltd have grown the business over the last 50 years. ‘We will give you Friendly & professional advice, we can offer you [...]

Yorkshire Housing Association

Housing Association Solar Thermal Domestic Water Heating Installation with  TS300 Premier Panels Alan Leighton of Hull deploying Hot Solar Water TS 300 Premium Solar Water Heating panels for domestic for a development of New homes for Yorkshire Housing. All the houses were fitted with (x3) TS300 Panels and a 300L RM Solar Tank. The homes have been fitted with many energy efficient measures to assist the residents in managing the ever rising  day to day energy costs. x3 Panel In Roof [...]

National Trust Solar Water Heating

Celtic Renewable Energy have been working with the National Trust for a number of years Cornwall. Solar Water Heating is a very cost effective renewable deployment which has proved and easy fit for the Trust. The TS300 solar panels were installed at both Trengwaiten tea-rooms & Glendurgan Gardens in Cornwall. Solar water heating reduces our dependency on expensive and polluting fossil fuels. Solar energy causes no pollution at all, thus reducing our overall carbon emissions, and the embodied energy of the equipment [...]

Sussex Domestic Solar Water Heating – Supplementing the Swimming Pool

D H Solar Engineering installed a (x4) panel in-roof system from Hot Solar Water which was mounted on the main house roof. The heat output from the four panels heats a 300 L hot water cylinder for use by the householders. Once this cylinder is hot the surplus heat is then directed to supplement the swimming pool. The result is to offset the oil that would otherwise be consumed to achieve the same thing, only it is now replaced [...]

Apartments Falmouth Cornwall

    Celtic Renewable Energy, Launceston, Cornwall have installed solar water heating in (x14) apartments built within this prestigious development adjacent to the Falmouth Maritime Museum at  Discovery Quay, Falmouth. Each of the apartments in this prime location were installed with a twin panel hot solar water TS300 solar water heating panels serving mains pressure cylinders for domestic hot water. Working closely with the main contractors, New Cornwall Developments Ltd., Celtic RE completed the solar installations within the prescribed time schedules and [...]

Carmelites Monstery – Award Winning Vacuum Solar Heating

In the part of London made famous by the film “Notting Hill” is an oasis of calm and contemplation. In the midst all the London life, near the Portobello Road street market, schools, homes factories and businesses and all the other hurley burley of London, there exists a Victorian built monastery where the Carmelites pray and contemplate. The Caramelizes are a catholic order of nuns, friars and lay people who trace their roots back to the ancient hermits who prayed [...]

Logierait – South Highland Scotland

Logierait(Scottish Gaelic: Lag an Ratha – ‘Hollow of the Earth’) is a village and parish in Atholl, Scotland. It is situated at the confluence of the rivers Tay and Tummel, west of Perth & Kinross. Scotland is very receptive to Solar Thermal with the systems working very well all year round. A similar latitude to Germany where millions of solar thermal panels are installed in very harsh cold conditions. The TS300 Award Winning panel will heat up to 190ºC to transfer the energy [...]

Sahara Desert in Algeria

Our panels can be found at sub-zero temperatures on some of the Worlds Highest Mountains and in some of the Southerly cold inhabited place’s in South America, near Cape Horn on a  Chilean Naval Base to be precise. They can also be found on hundreds of 000’s of homes throughout Europe, and in a small way on some homes in North America, the Mexican mountains and deserts in Australia and New Zealand. The panels are designed & engineered to work [...]