Swimming Pool

Algarve – Kill your Swimming Pool Energy Bills

Algarve villa solar water survey Santa Bárbara de Nexe In the coming months we will be be installing a solar swimming pool system to reduce the electricity bills. Current actual spend (2016) 750 euros/month during the summer months and 400 euros/month during the winter months. The hot tub will be heated by solar thermal panels as will the swimming pool. A major contributor to the electricity cost being the swimming pool & hot tub. There is also an irrigation system at the property [...]

Loule Algarve Portugal Outdoor Solar Swimming Pool Heating and hot water system

Results of annual simulation Installed collector power: 22.74 kW Installed solar surface area (gross): 32.48 m² Irradiation on collector surface (active): 61,081.25 kWh 2,144.71 kWh/m² Energy delivered by collectors: 38,059.75 kWh 1,336.37 kWh/m² Energy delivered by collector loop: 37,913.43 kWh 1,331.23 kWh/m² Solar energy contribution to swimming pool : 37,913.43 kWh Electricity savings: 75,826.9 kWh CO2 emissions avoided: 50,500.69 kg   Award Winning 150 & 300 L Thermosiphon Geyser Solar Water Systems   Algarve Solar Shop

Sussex Domestic Solar Water Heating – Supplementing the Swimming Pool

D H Solar Engineering installed a (x4) panel in-roof system from Hot Solar Water which was mounted on the main house roof. The heat output from the four panels heats a 300 L hot water cylinder for use by the householders. Once this cylinder is hot the surplus heat is then directed to supplement the swimming pool. The result is to offset the oil that would otherwise be consumed to achieve the same thing, only it is now replaced [...]

Swimming Horses South Africa

Solar Thermal Swimming Pool Heating Plettenberg Bay South Africa A very specialist project from Alan Leighton (Hull) for a Hotel in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. We installed 20 award winning TS300 solar thermal panels to heat the outside swimming pool and hot water cylinder for showers. The installation was over a 2 week period in summer. Once the outside pool was filled with water the solar system started to heat the pool instantly providing all round pool heating for the [...]

Swimming Pool – Honiton Devon

Celtic Renewable Energy of Launceston, Cornwall designed and installed a large array of solar swimming pool heating panels at the very successful, Award Winning Otter Falls Holiday Centre near Uppottery in Devon.   Listed as one of the star features of the centre, the superb indoor swimming  pool is heated with the help of the Award Winning TS300 solar collectors mounted on the tile pool complex roof. The pool is used all year round by paying guests so it is important to [...]

Malta National Stadium Swimming Pool – Under 2 year Payback

The energy generated by this installation is substantial, saving on fossil fuel and carbon emissions. Providing 100% of the pool heating requirement with a payback of less than 2 years. We are very proud that our product is associated, if only in a small way, with this project; the people of Malta and the Malta Football Association are rightly proud of their new stand built on sound environmental foundations. Sport is important to millions of people throughout the world. In every country [...]

Swimming Pool Heating Harrogate Yorkshire

Fantastic solar thermal installation by Alan Leighton (Hull) usingthe Award Winning TS300 Panels and completed in summer so we all got a nice sun tan in the process. Customer was spending over £6000 on gas to heat his swimming pool!! With a large south facing roof Leighton’s install an array of solar thermal panel’s too heat the pool. The panels were integrated into the slate roof for a Slate In Roof Panels   Clean, sharp & roof integrated to alleviate the panels being [...]