CVC Instalaciones Solares Chile

The Family Asset Protection Program continues to deliver across Chile. CVC Instalaciones Solares working closely with communities to install Thermosiphon solar water heating systems, bringing Free hot water to many excited families. Recent neighborhoods: – 32 installations in Cerrillos, Santiago. – 20 in Villa Magister, Maipu, Chile on stage 1.  and now stage 2. with 21 more systems.

Chile – Family Assets Protection Program

CVC Instalaciones Solares have been working with FAPP (Family Assets Protection Programme) for a number of years. Helping deliver Solar Water Heating Energy Savings Free across a number of Regions in Chile. CVC have 10 Teams across 5 Regions actively working with communities to deliver the highest quality solutions from there European Partner.Government led benefit program through a direct subsidy to the householder. There is no payback, householders just receive the benefit “For FREE”. The program is registered in 9 Regions, [...]

Nairobi Kenya – Geyser Solar Water Heating

Hot Solar Water have been working actively in Kenya in the Housing Sector. Helping provide Solar Water Heating Energy Savings. Engaging with communities to deliver the highest quality solutions from Europe’s Leading Solar Panel Manufacturer. In Kenya the average salary / income per family is approx…. KES 6,498($ 80) a month. The average Family spends around KES 1,000($ 10) a month on electricity bills. Since installing the solar water heating system there has been a saving of KES 700($ 7) which [...]

Off Grid Campsite FREE Showers

Portable Campsite Solar Showers – Gravity Fed No Electricity Required Celtic Renewable Energy Hot Solar Water Thermosiphon Solar Systems are a very cost effective way of producing hot water due to their simplicity in design and installation requirements. Usually more common in hotter climate countries a typical system will involve a standard solar panel, hot water cylinder and connection pipes. Hot Solar Water have developed a system which can now be used in Northern Europe. This system takes full advantage of heat [...]