Deserts of the World

Deserts of the World

Our panels can be found at sub-zero temperatures on some of the Worlds Highest Mountains and in some of the Southerly cold inhabited place’s in South America, near Cape Horn on a  Chilean Naval Base to be precise. They can also be found on hundreds of 000’s of homes throughout Europe, and in a small way on some homes in North America, the Mexican mountains and deserts in Australia and New Zealand. The panels are designed & engineered to work almost anyway on earth where renewable heat is needed and the most intensive test of their efficiency is in extreme heat locations such as that in the Middle East. Overheating is a big problem for solar water heating systems when panels are poorly designed.

Although overheating can be lessened by heat dumping outside, it is better and more cost effective for the panel design to withstand overheating. As we have seen with recent very high temperatures in Russia and in the South of England, overheating is not just a problem in places that are thought of traditionally as being very hot, but must also be taken into account in temperate zones, as an occasional feature of climate. That is why overheating testing is important, even for panels installed in say Scotland, where temperatures can occasionally become very hot. We have successfully installed in many location across the Region from the Sahara Desert in Algeria to OMAN, Saudi Arabia & the United Arab Emirates.

These Award Winning panels are designed not to overheat and can be deployed on top of cold mountains as well as in hot deserts.There is No Heat Dump Required. The Sahara Desert is one of the driest and hottest regions of the world, with a mean temperature sometimes over 30 °C (86 °F) and the averages high temperatures in summer are over 50 °C (122 °F) for months at a time, with the highest temperature ever recorded at 136°F (58°C) in Aziziyah, Libya. In all these locations the panels are subjected to very, very hot daytime temperatures and extremely cold night time temperatures. They have been working perfectly for many year now, and once again German Engineering has demonstrated the reliability of the panels and the provenance of design in extreme conditions.





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