Logierait – South Highland Scotland

Logierait – South Highland Scotland

Logierait(Scottish Gaelic: Lag an Ratha – ‘Hollow of the Earth’) is a village and parish in Atholl, Scotland.

It is situated at the confluence of the rivers Tay and Tummel, west of Perth & Kinross. Scotland is very receptive to Solar Thermal with the systems working very well all year round. A similar latitude to Germany where millions of solar thermal panels are installed in very harsh cold conditions. The TS300 Award Winning panel will heat up to 190ºC to transfer the energy to the heat exchanger in the household immersion tank. The two panels systems shown here are feeding 210 L tanks to generate approx… 70% of the hot water required in the home.

Above the village is the site of a major early royal castle, perhaps the ‘rath’ of the place-name, still marked by a large ditch. This was probably the seat or caput of the mormaers of Atholl. The ancient promontory fort is marked by a huge ‘Celtic’ cross, a monument to the 6th Duke of Atholl. The church is of early Christian origin, as shown by the presence of two Pictish cross-slabs: one in the churchyard, discovered in or before 1878; the other, identified in 1989, in the church. Both are classified as Class II Pictish stones (dressed stones, relief carving). The church’s dedication is to Coeddi, Bishop of Iona in the early 8th century, perhaps the founder of the church here. The present church building, however, dates from the early 19th century, and is protected as a category B listed building.

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