Malta National Stadium Swimming Pool – Under 2 year Payback

Malta National Stadium Swimming Pool – Under 2 year Payback

The energy generated by this installation is substantial, saving on fossil fuel and carbon emissions. Providing 100% of the pool heating requirement with a payback of less than 2 years. We are very proud that our product is associated, if only in a small way, with this project; the people of Malta and the Malta Football Association are rightly proud of their new stand built on sound environmental foundations.

Sport is important to millions of people throughout the world. In every country and at every level we organise ourselves into clubs and compete. Sometimes the competition is for reward, and then the rewards can be astronomical, but more often than not we play for the sheer fun of attempting to beat our opponents.
In Malta, they love their sport as much as anywhere else and in Malta they have a stadium at Ta’Qali in Valetta. They call it the National Stadium and it is used by many sporting people although it operates under the auspices of the Malta Football Association.
The Maltese celebrated the Millennium by building a stand for the National Stadium, so that Ta’Qali can now hold 17,000 spectators. The Millennium Stand covers a foot print of around 5,000 m².

It was critical to the Malta Football Association that the stadium was not used for one or two matches a week but as often as possible and by the whole community. You can swim there, play squash there or even practice your small arms shooting. If you are so inclined, you may use one of the state of the art gymnasium. There are catering facilities so you can enjoy some food and perhaps a bottle of wine.
When designing the new stand, it was felt important to address the environmental issues by incorporating sustainability into the project. They chose the Award Winning TS300 flat plate panels to heat water including the half-Olympic sized swimming pool. Engineers from Germany installed over 70 flat plate panels, making a total absorber area in excess of 120 m². Engineers carried out the finishing and commissioning work in December.


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