British High Commission Abuja, Nigeria

British High Commission Abuja, Nigeria

Hot Solar Water was chosen to work with the French construction group Bouygues Construction – Nigeria to supply High Quality solar thermal panels together with engineering support on two New buildings delivering Free Hot Water.

We are able to generate very high levels of heat energy that can be used to store hot water in the 3000 L tanks. The high concentration of solar radiation in Nigeria allows the generation of up to 100% of the hot water requirements.

Working alongside Bouygues Construction & our installer Mike Leighton, Hot Solar Water supervised the install of x30 Award Winning TS300 panels onto the roof structure of the two buildings using our light weight panel fixing systems.

At the heart of the system is our solar controller and high efficiency pump station that automatically circulates the generated heat from the solar panels into the hot water storage tanks that are used for the hot water consumption of the building. The solar panels will not overheat as the they have been designed to stagnate at 190 °C Download Why No Heat Dump ? providing FREE energy for the hot water needs of the building.



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