Chile – Family Assets Protection Program

Chile – Family Assets Protection Program

CVC Instalaciones Solares have been working with FAPP (Family Assets Protection Programme) for a number of years. Helping deliver Solar Water Heating Energy Savings Free across a number of Regions in Chile.

CVC have 10 Teams across 5 Regions actively working with communities to deliver the highest quality solutions from there European Partner.Government led benefit program through a direct subsidy to the householder. There is no payback, householders just receive the benefit “For FREE”.

The program is registered in 9 Regions, the intention being to roll this out in all 15 Regions of Chile. The Thermosiphon Systems have the advantage that they can work Off Grid if required. The financial impact on Families is huge.


To put this into perspective, the average income per family in Chile is 400.000 Chilean pesos (USD577) and they save almost 40.000 Chilean pesos a month, 10%, by using Solar Water Heating instead of gas or electricity to heat the water.






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