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February 2021

Heat Loading profile

General market related questions   What is the client group to be supplied?   What is the Latitude & Longitude of the location?   Does a local water grid exist? What is the quality of that water?   How many people shall be supplied by the produced water?   Which area will be irrigated for agricultural purposes? Which Crops or seeds are envisaged?   What is the local water price for fresh water drinking water from the tap (if any) bottled drinking water (different sizes) water for human consumption water for irrigation water for your special need [...]

What kind of mainteence will I need

MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS FOR SOLAR INSTALLATIONS Note: These requirements are recommended by Genersys plc and must be adhered to and an appropriate written record of adherence must be kept. Any failure so to do will nullify any manufacturer’s guarantees and is likely to nullify any installer’s guarantee. In addition these requirements are separate from any regime for the prevention of legionella formation. Genersys recommends that every installation should have a specific anti-legionella regime as the installing heating and ventilation engineers and/or the [...]

Do need a heat dump with my solar thermal system

الطاقة الحرارية TS300 لوحة الطاقة الشمسية الحرارية العمودية Thermosolar  panels do not require a Heat Dump The Thermosolar TS300 panels are designed with 4 connections.  The meander within the panel negates the need for a heat dumps as in stagnation the glycol will flash to steam. The glycol will then get pushed out of the collector into the expansion vessel. For this reason it is better to have collectors with four connections. There are two kinds of absorber types; 1st – Collectors that cook [...]

May 2020

Nairobi, Kenya – Geyser Solar Water Heating

The Energy (Solar Water Heating) Regulations, 2012 (the Regulations) require that all domestic dwellings or residential houses, commercial buildings (including hotels, lodges, clubs, restaurants, cafeterias, laundries, eating places and similar premises), health institutions (including hospitals, health centres, clinics and similar medical facilities) and educational institutions (including universities, colleges, boarding schools and similar institutions) with hot water (60 °C) requirements of a capacity exceeding one hundred litres per day (the Affected Buildings) shall install and use solar water heating systems [...]

July 2020

Devon & Cornwall Zoo – Solar Water Heating

Specialist Solar Installers Celtic Renewable Energy Ltd, of Launceston, Cornwall installed a number of separate Thermosolar solar collector systems at Paignton Zoo. The Solar Water Heating systems provide hot water for toilet facilities in the Mammal House, Mother & Baby Unit, Main Reception Area and the new Crocodile Swamp. The five panel system near the main visitor entrance is used to heat a 400 litre hot water cylinder which serves the ladies and gents toilets along with baby changing facilities [...]