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Oxford University – Solar Water Heating

This project was located in a very sensitive planning area, so this very modern building had to blend in with the surrounding historic buildings. The solar water heating was carefully designed not to be visible from any public right of way which meant the solar panels had to be mounted at an angle of 15 degrees. The student accommodation was our first experience working with Briggs and Forester and we built a very good relationship with them early in this [...]

Norfolk & Suffolk (NHS) Solar Water Heated Hospital

Helping dementia care hospital reach BREEAM Excellence with Solar Water Heating. A flagship project with a considerable demand for hot water to satisfy the wards, shared clinical areas, administration and training rooms. The integration of renewable technologies with fossil-fuelled water heaters and boilers. Other carbon-saving features included a green roof, ground source heat pump and lighting controls NHS trusts are looking closely at their provision for handling the increasingly prevalent condition of Dementia. The Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust decided to upgrade dementia [...]

Zimbabwe – Geyser solar Water Heating

Load shedding or power cuts as it is better known can and do upset the daily routine of family life. If common sense governed the World, solar water heating would be installed on every home providing clean free energy. Why pay for your energy when you can have it for FREE. Chile is a great example in recent years, with over 100,000 geyser systems deployed on homes. In Zimbabwe most families could cover almost 100% of their water heating needs from [...]

Algarve – Solar Heated Swimming Pool

Algarve villa solar water heating survey in Santa Bárbara de Nexe, Algarve, Portugal. In the coming months we will be be installing a solar swimming pool system to reduce the electricity bills. Current actual spend (2016) 750 euros/month during the summer months and 400 euros/month during the winter months. The hot tub will be heated by solar thermal panels as will the swimming pool. A major contributor to the electricity cost being the swimming pool & hot tub. There is also an [...]

50 Years Heating Ireland – Solar Water Heating

A steady Family business synonymous with Plumbing & Heating, together with solar water heating and swimming pool heating in Wexford. Following in his fathers plumbing footsteps, Peter Firman first opened the doors in October 1967. Based 3km South of Wexford the Company has grown from strength to strength in domestic, commercial, new build and self build, earning an honest and excellent reputation in Ireland, covering as far up as Dublin. Using quality materials and working to a high standard, PJ FIRMAN & [...]

Dorset – Off Grid Solar Water Heating Campsite

Portable Campsite Solar Water Heating Showers – Gravity Fed No Electricity Required Thermosiphon Geyser solar water heating systems are a very cost effective way of producing hot water due to their simplicity in design and installation requirements. Usually more common in hotter climate countries a typical system will involve a standard solar panel, hot water cylinder and connection pipes. We have developed a system which can now be used in Northern Europe. This system takes full advantage of heat energy and [...]

London – Carmelites Monastery Vacuum Solar Water Heating

In the part of London made famous by the film “Notting Hill” is an oasis of calm and contemplation it was nice to be invited to install a renewable technology such as solar water heating in the heart of this trendy London area. In the midst all the London life, near the Portobello Road street market, schools, homes factories and businesses and all the other hurley burley of London, there exists a Victorian built monastery where the Carmelites pray [...]