50 Years of Solar Engineering - 69 Countries - 20 Year Warranty

Performance in Cold, Extreme Conditions

Hot Solar Water Group of Companies is a well-established and highly respected engineering group with a remarkable 50+ years of experience in manufacturing the best quality commercial solar water heating panels, with MCS certification & Solar Keymark. Our expertise in solar water heating is renowned for its proven performance both in extreme cold & hot climates, making us the preferred choice for businesses and individuals worldwide seeking reliable and sustainable solar water heating solutions.

Private Client Projects:

We offer discreet, bespoke services catering to “Self Build” and “Unique Properties” anywhere in the world, specializing in solar water heating. Our comprehensive package ensures that your specific solar water heating needs are met with precision and excellence.

Commercial Solar Water Heating Solutions:

Hot Solar Water Group is synonymous with setting industry standards for thermal panel engineering in solar water heating. With production and testing facilities across Europe, our engineers design, manufacture, and provide training services for solar water heating. We also offer assistance for larger and more specialized solar water heating projects on a global scale.

Private Labeling:

We collaborate with some of the largest Commercial Water Heating Companies, working closely with building services mechanical engineers on complex solar energy projects, including solar water heating. Our expertise in private labeling ensures your solar water heating brand’s recognition and reputation are maintained.

Solar Swimming Pool Heating:

Hot Solar Water Group champions solar swimming pool heating as the most cost-effective solution for heating swimming pools worldwide using solar water heating technology. Whether it’s an Olympic-sized pool or a small domestic one, our solar water heating systems offer compelling payback periods for solar water heating. Regardless of your location in the Southern or Northern hemisphere, our solar water heaters provide heat for free, offering you security and energy independence through solar water heating.

Why Choose Solar Energy for Water Heating:

Why rely on renting energy from fossil fuels when you can harness the power of the sun for free, especially through solar water heating? Hot Solar Water Group emphasizes the long-term benefits of solar water heating systems, which are sophisticated, engineered, and built to last with a life expectancy of at least 35+ years.

Diverse Applications for Solar Water Heating:

Our solar water heating solutions are versatile, delivering heat energy for various applications, including:

  • Domestic hot water through solar water heating
  • Commercial water heating using solar water heating technology
  • Off-grid sites in remote and challenging regions powered by solar water heating
  • Carbon-free hot water for homes via solar water heating
  • Swimming pool heating with solar water heating
  • Underfloor heating with solar water heating technology
  • Industrial process heat through solar water heating

Hot Solar Water Group of Companies is your trusted partner in harnessing the abundant and sustainable energy of the sun for your hot water needs, especially through solar water heating. With our decades of experience, commitment to quality, and innovative solutions in solar water heating, we stand at the forefront of the solar water heating industry. Experience the freedom, efficiency, and environmental benefits of solar energy with Hot Solar Water Group and our cutting-edge solar water heating technology.


Engineered Thermal Panels

KSA Sea Sand Resistant Panel.
Protecting the absorber
from corrosive elements




Thermosiphon Geyser Heating - No Electricity Required

Sistema de calentamiento solar de agua que no requiere conexión a fuente el eléctrica y se puede instalar en 2 horas


Commercial Swimming Pool Heating

Calentamiento solar de agua para piscinas