Zimbabwe – Pressure Geyser Solar Water Heating

Geyser Solar Systems are Off Grid and a very cost effective way of producing hot water due to their simplicity in design and installation requirements, installed in a few hours. Usually more common in hotter climate countries. A typical Geyser Solar Water Heating System will involve a standard panel and tank/cylinder also known as a geyser and connection pipes.

Zimbabwe is ideally suited for Geyser Solar Water Heating. It is a hot sunny land with an inexhaustible asset – its bright daylight. The thing that differentiates solar thermal from all other forms of renewable clean energy is that you can safely and easily store heat.

The Pressure Geyser Solar Water Heater requires No Electricity. This is great news as the use of electricity for heating is banned in Zimbabwe. Blackouts have long dogged Zimbabwe, despite the fact that 60% of the population have no access to electricity. Zimbabwe power generation is currently around 1,000 MW, less than half its peak demand, forcing local industries to use costly diesel generators to keep operations running.

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