50 Years of Solar Engineering - 69 Countries - 20 Year Warranty

Performance Water Heating In Extreme Conditions

Hot Solar Water Group of Companies. A highly respected engineering group having over 50+ years experience in manuafacturing high quality solar water heating systems, with a proven performance in the most extreme climates. 

Setting standards in quality & performance for thermal engineering, with production & testing facilities across Europe. Our engineers design, manufacture & train.  Where requested we also assist on larger more specialist projects Worldwide.

‘Private labelling’ for some of the largest Commerial Solar Water Heater Companies, working with building services mechanical engineers on complex solar energy projects.  

Solar water heating is the most cost effective renewable technology in the World.

The best water heating systems are sophisticated, engineered and built to last with a life expectancy of at least 35+ years.

Delivering heat energy for many applications from Domestic, Commercial & Off-Grid sites in remote, sometimes hostile regions. 

Carbon FREE hot water for homes, swimming pool heating, underfloor heating and industrial process heat.


Solar Engineering

KSA Sea Sand Resistant Panel.
Protecting the absorber
from corrosive elements




Thermosiphon Geyser Heating - No Electricity Required

Sistema de calentamiento solar de agua que no requiere conexión a fuente el eléctrica y se puede instalar en 2 horas


Solar Swimming Pool Heating

Calentamiento solar de agua para piscinas