Solar Thermal Vacuum Panel Heating – Ground Source Heat Pump Recovery

Failing Heat Pump

Now you can Boost your Ground Source Heat Pump with Solar Heating, Restore Subsoil Heat, Save Electricity & get FREE Hot Water with the Solar Heat Pump UPGRADE;

Damaged Subsoil from Heat Pump Drying the ground which shrinks the soil thereby moving the foundations

Easy to retrofit

  • Works with all types of ground source heat pump
  • Keeps the subsoil in top condition and keeps it unfrozen
  • Improves or restores heat pump performance
  • Works in the coldest weather

The Problem

Your ground source heat pump started working well but after a period of time you notice:

  • Your heat pump is using more and more electricity to provide the same amount of heat
  • Your heat pump fails due partly to low ground temperatures
  • The soil freezes making your lawn look like a mud bath in Spring
  • Your garden plants grow slower than they did previously

The Diagnosis

Boreholes will become depleted after a certain time of withdrawing heat; this is because the energy naturally recovering the borehole is only 1% of the energy taken out by the heat pump. The underground piping freezes continuously every year over the winter heating period and defrost with a long-time delay during the late spring and in the summer time. The very cold brine causes higher running costs and a longer running time of the heat pump to gain the demanded energy.

The Solution

Easy to retrofit, the Solar Heating Recovery System works with all types of ground source heat pumps. Now you can raise the performance and increase the life span of your ground source heat pump; whilst at the same time producing up to 70% of your domestic hot water for FREE all year round, reducing your household’s carbon footprint by several tonnes per year. Works from daylight, all year round

How it works

The solar system starts working as soon as it has enough sufficient usable power. It charges either the hot water tank or regenerates the ground source. The hot water tank always has first priority. If the solar system runs on regeneration, the temperatures are very low, the system will always check to see if charging of the hot water tank is possible. The ground regeneration works regardless of what temperature the brine is. The construction of the KSA sea sand resistant vacuum collector is unique for this application. Its design makes it possible to have liquid flowing through it which is colder than the surrounding ambient temperature without having any condensation on the absorber within the panel. The solar system thus can work on low energy radiation rising the annual solar energy gain were all other collectors would stop working.

Through its clever hydraulic design and controller it is not necessary to make an alterations to the existing ground source heat pump. Provides you with up to 70% of your hot water! This new and innovative system from the Thermosolar Group provides roof or ground mounted KSA sea sand resistant flat plate vacuum panels, pump station, controller and a flat plate heat exchanger, to separate the heat pump brine circuit from the solar thermal glycol circuit. The kit also includes all necessary valves, secondary pumps and a Twin coil solar DHW tank or Hygienic-Stratification-combi tank with enlarged solar surface area for additional space heating support if required.