March 2023

British Embassy – FCO Estate Brasilia Commercial Solar Water Heating

As a forward looking and outward-facing Government department, the FCO, Foreign and Commonwealth Office strives to walk the talk of its climate diplomacy around the world. To underpin this, Future Perfect is an ambitious long-term plan to convert the fleet to lower emission vehicles, extending the use of commercial solar water heating to better manage energy consumption globally; enabling the FCO to operate a sustainable, low carbon and cost effective overseas estate platform. (x10) Buildings on the FCO Brasilia Estate have [...]

February 2023

DHL London Gateway – Commercial Solar Water Heater System

DHL Supply Chain has its own purpose-built depot, ‘London Thames Gateway’, a newly designed world-class distribution centre incorporating Lochinvar Commercial Solar Water Heating. The decision to come to London Gateway represents a major milestone in their strategy to combine value-added and management services with traditional fulfilment and distribution. Located at the heart of London Gateway’s Logistics Park, offering direct access to the United Kingdom’s most connected trade hub. With advanced port and rail terminals on site, Logistics Park occupants become [...]

May 2020

Solar Swimming pool layout schematic

Solar Swimming Pool Heating – UK Part L Pool Building Regulations

BUY bespoke Solar Swimming Pool Heating report based on your location taken from 25 years of local weather files Swimming pools are included in the Part ’L’ of the building regulations, bringing them in line with the same insulation requirements of that which appertain to domestic and, if applicable, commercial properties. The Part L Regulations for Swimming Pools states that: “Where a swimming pool is being provided in a building, the U-value of the basin (walls & floor) should not be [...]

February 2019

Solar water heated Manor House

Yorkshire – Solar Swimming Pool Heating

Located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Rose House in South Yorkshire utilizes Solar Water Heating technology for the solar central heating, Solar Swimming Pool Heating and general hot water heating. A 14 panel (28m2) roof integrated thermal weathering kit facing direct south. The panel array was piped into a fully pumped flow and return pipe circuit and pressurized with a Specialist Antifreeze fluid known as solar Glycol.  Specially made and Branded as Thesol. It is very important to have Glycol [...]

May 2020

Nairobi Kenya pressure geyser solar water heating

Nairobi, Kenya – Pressure Geyser Solar Water Heating

The Energy (Solar Water Heating) Regulations, 2012 (the Regulations) require that all domestic dwellings or residential houses, commercial buildings (including hotels, lodges, clubs, restaurants, cafeterias, laundries, eating places and similar premises), health institutions (including hospitals, health centres, clinics and similar medical facilities) and educational institutions (including universities, colleges, boarding schools and similar institutions) with hot water (60 °C) requirements of a capacity exceeding one hundred litres per day (the Affected Buildings) shall install and use solar water heating systems [...]

August 2017

On roof Thermosiphon installtion, Santiago Chile

100,000 + Thermosiphon Solar Water Heating Systems Installed

Chile has three mechanisms to encourage installing solar water heaters (SWHs) for residential water heating: A tax exemption for SWH installation in new housing (from 2017) Subsidy to incorporate SWH into housing reconstruction programmes (2014-17) Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (MINVU)’s Family Heritage Protection Programme for existing public housing (from 2011). With these measures, more than 100, 000+ homes have hot water supported by solar thermal systems. Tax benefits for installing SWHs were initially granted from 2010 to 2014, and the programme was [...]

Low roof profile solar water heating at Oxford University

Oxford University – Commercial Solar Water Heater

The University of Oxford is a collegiate research university in Oxford, England. There is evidence of teaching as early as 1096, making it the oldest university in the English-speaking world and the world’s second-oldest university in continuous operation. This project was located in a very sensitive planning area, so this very modern building had to blend in with the surrounding historic buildings. The commercial solar water heating system was carefully designed by mechanical engineers not to be visible from any [...]

April 2017

Lochinvar solar water heating panels on hospital roof

Norfolk & Suffolk Hospital Foundation Trust – Commercial Solar Water Heating

Lochinvar helping dementia care hospital reach BREEAM Excellence with the industrial Solar Water Heating system. A flagship project with a considerable demand for hot water to satisfy the wards, shared clinical areas, administration and training rooms. The integration of renewable technologies with fossil-fuelled water heaters and boilers. Other carbon-saving features included a green roof, ground source heat pump and lighting controls NHS trusts are looking closely at their provision for handling the increasingly prevalent condition of Dementia. The Norfolk & Suffolk Foundation Trust [...]

March 2017

Solar Water Heating Cape Horn

Cape Horn Extreme Cold in the Southern Hemisphere – Commercial Solar Water Heating

What is the furthest South that commercial solar water heating panels have been installed? Who installed them? Does it surprise you that close to Tierra Del Fuego and Cape Horn on Lennox Island there are Solar Thermal Panels – the same panels that have been fitted in Germany, England, the United Kingdom, the USA and in the Sahara Desert? When, in 1833, Charles Darwin sailed in HMS Beagle he sailed around the southern tip of South America between Tierra de Fuego and an island [...]

CVC Instalaciones Solares

Chile Family Assets Protection Program – Pressure Geyser Solar Water Heating

We have been working with FAPP (Family Assets Protection Programme) for a number of years. Helping deliver Solar Water Heating Energy Savings Free across a number of Regions in Chile. With 10 Teams across 5 Regions actively working with communities to deliver the highest quality solutions from our European factories. Government led benefit program through a direct subsidy to the householder. There is no payback, householders just receive the benefit “For FREE”. The program is registered in 9 Regions, the intention [...]