50 Years Commercial Solar Water Heating in 69+ Countries

Unsurpassed Build Quality with a 35+ Year Life Expectancy

The Home of Solar Water Heating from the highly respected HSW Group

The panels are manufactured to the highest specification, with MCS certification & Solar Keymark. Using high grade aluminium from one of the World’s leading aluminium manufacturers whose product is used in the production of top quality high performance car engines.

What is Quality & Provenance in Solar Water Heating ?

Aesthetics are very important for many buildings, especially if this is your home. Our panels are specially designed to be thin and pleasing to the eye thereby complimenting the roof profile. We want the panels to become an integral part of the building. Using the best materials, we want the panels to last the lifetime of the building. They are not built to disposable, with a life expectancy of 35+ years and require little or no maintenance.

Households on average spend between 27% to 35% of their total energy cost on heating water. Solar Water Heating Panels, which act as a supplement to existing water heating or central heating, preferably underfloor heating, will significantly reduce bills and at the same time substantially reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The World’s first Solar Water Heating Vacuum flat-plate panel. The KSA Sea Sand Resistant Vacuum Panel incorporating the best form of insulation. This panel will provide superior performance whether in freezing, low level light conditions of Northern Europe or the extremes of Desert Heat. The system can be re-evacuated by simply connecting the vacuum pump, usually every 5 years. Vertically-mounted type collector without collection pipes, intended for applications in systems equipped with circulating pumps.

Hot Solar Water use a specially designed and manufactured selective coating, which is designed not to get too hot (224⁰C or 374⁰F),  the hottest panels do not necessarily make the best solar water heater system. There are other coatings that we could use, at lower costs, which get hotter but we have to bear in mind that we are not making collectors to create more heat than can be usefully used because the higher the stagnation temperature and the more frequently the system reaches stagnation temperature the quicker is the ageing process of the whole system. So the best solar water heater system panels are designed so that users never experience overheating problems; you can safely go on holiday during the hottest times of the year knowing that your system will not overheat and will be safe.

It consists of a one-piece forged metal casing to which safety solar glass is fixed by means of a frame made from non-corrosive aluminium profile. Stamped Al-Mg sheet absorber fins with high-selective conversion layer span the copper pipe meander.

The flanged connection pipes are connected to the hydraulic circuit by patented connection clamps. The collectors can be connected in series, up to 10 pcs in total. Krypton can be used as a replacement of the residual gas (air) inside the collector.