Peak District – Solar Swimming Pool Heating

Peak District – Solar Swimming Pool Heating


Located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Rose House in South Yorkshire utilizes Solar Water Heating technology for the solar central heating, Solar Swimming Pool Heating and general hot water heating.

A 14 panel (28m2) roof integrated thermal weathering kit facing direct south. The panel array was piped into a fully pumped flow and return pipe circuit and pressurized with a

Specialist Antifreeze fluid known as solar Glycol. 

Specially made and Branded as Thesol. It is very important to have Glycol with high tolerance working conditions such as those offered by Thesol;

Working Temperature: -32 Deg C/+230 Deg C (Max 2,5MPa)

Short Term overheat Temperature: 300 Deg C

There are many cheap Glycol alternatives in the market which are not suitable for the working temperatures of our solar water heating panels. It is very important that you fill your solar system with the correct anti-freeze. We only warrant Thesol with our panels. Solar thermal panels get very hot, particularly during periods of stagnation. If you fill your system with cheap poor quality anti-freeze the system will block up within a few years turning the antifreeze to a tar like substance, eventually leading to the failure of the solar system.

Thermal storage

With the installation of a large capacity thermal storage tank (2000 litre) we were able to collect and store as much of the heat energy as possible, with a maximum storage temperate of 80 Deg C. The selected tank is the HSK tank (Solar Hygienic-Stratification-Kombi-Tank) This tank allows multiple entry points for different energy sources, like solar thermal, Biomass or a heat pump. This tank is also installed with large stainless-steel internal coil delivering high-pressure instantaneous domestic hot water production.

Heat distribution – With a large amount of stored solar heated water, we are able to distribute the heat energy into required heat demand areas. For this system we delivered with the use of pump stations, delivering heat to the following areas.

House heating: Radiators and underfloor heating system

Pool house: Bench heaters and underfloor heating system  

Hot Water: Delivering hot water to the house and pool house