Solar Swimming Pool Heating

Payback as low as 18 months !

Solar Swimming Pool Monitoring Systems for Domestic & Commercial applications. 

Working with the latest Wi-Fi adapters we utilize existing solar controllers as well as building our own. These solar swimming pool heating systems provide real-time temperatures and record the historical performance range for up to 5 years for swimming pools, commercial  and household water heating.

Solar Thermal Swimming Pool Heating                                    

Thermal Solar swimming pool Heating is the most cost effective way to heat swimming pools Anywhere in the World.  With very compelling payback periods. Whether they are Olympic Swimming Pools or simply a small domestic pool. People always associate solar pool heating with warmer regions but they are very efficient in the northern hemisphere in locations such as the United Kingdom & USA.

We can help provide a local Installer or if you prefer we could manage the installation for you.

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Hot Solar Water Large Outdoor Solar Thermal Swimming Pool Heating

Instead of using expensive and inefficient fossil fuel to heat your pool use the natural light of the sun, a free source of energy, that converts into useful heat.

Our Philosophy

Heating your swimming pool by traditional fossil fuel is very expensive and very wasteful of the planet’s resources. Burning gas or oil creates harmful emissions and increases our fuel dependency for sourcing our energy from parts of the world that may not always be stable, friendly or even capable of supplying our fuel needs.


Hot Solar Water Solar Thermal Swimming Pool Heating – Balcony Solar Panels

Most swimming pools can be heated using only solar thermal panels, wherever they are situated. We believe that it is important to design our products so that they look good, they are very long lasting and require the minimal amount of maintenance. Quality is the foundation of our philosophy. We accordingly design pool systems using indirect heat exchange systems, high quality solar thermal panels that we build ourselves in Europe which we guarantee to perform for ten years. The panels are designed to have a life span of more than 35

years and are made from easily recyclable materials, such as aluminium, copper and glass.

Performance Pools should be heated to around 28°C. If you heat your pool to any significantly higher temperature algae and bacteria can cause problems unless you increase the chlorine levels significantly. Temperatures lower than about 25°C are uncomfortable for most people.

Solar thermal systems provide pool temperatures within the recommended range in most locations without the need to have a boiler system or an electric heating system. These levels of performance are not possible in Northern latitudes in winter, when the daylight hours are short.

When your pool system is designed an installer can ask us to provide you with an estimate, based on meteorological conditions, of the performance range your system will provide.

What do the panels look like?

Old fashioned thermal solar panels look ugly; they usually cannot be integrated and if the pool water flows through them they have to be cleaned and descaled and often have a short pool life. Hot Solar Water panels have been designed to be thin, aesthetically acceptable and yet light enough to be installed on pool side buildings.

What is the payback?

Of course, if you heat your pool by oil, gas or electricity there is no payback. It’s all an expense. The most expensive part of having a swimming pool is not the building but the cost of heating of it !

Pay back varies according to where your pool is, in-door or out-door, is it covered at night,etc,..….Payback can be as low as a year.

How Swimming Pool Heating Works

An array of thermal solar panels is installed on a south facing roof or south facing poolside area.

The amount of panels required depends upon the size of the pools and the performance needed. The panels are connected through a sealed circuit to a specially designed chlorine resistant pool heat exchanged. The sealed circuit is filled with an edible glycol solution (in places where below freezing temperatures can be experienced).

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We make our antifreeze and call it Thesol. This is specifically manufactured for our panels, with a temperature tolerance range from  +300ºC to -32ºC.

It is very important that you fill your solar system with the correct anti-freeze. We only recommend Thesol with our panels. Solar thermal panels get very hot, particularly during periods of stagnation.

Effects of Poor Quality Glycol on Solar Thermal Systems

If you fill your system with cheap poor quality anti-freeze the system will block up within a few years turning the antifreeze to a tar like substance, eventually leading to the failure of the system.

Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger

When light from the panels strikes the absorber surface heat is created. If the pool requires the heat a modulating pump pushes the Thesol solution (and the heat it carries) to the heat exchanger.

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Carries the heat (but not the glycol) to the pool water that is pumped through it. The heat exchange operation is carried out immediately before the pool water is returned into the pool, after it has been filtered. Provided the temperature at the panels is higher than the temperature in the pool the pool will be heated.




Thermosolar Solar Thermal Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger
Thermosolar Solar Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger Cross Section