May 2021

How much wind can solar panels withstand

For many potential solar customers who live in the coastal regions and islands of the U.S., the question of solar panel durability during a natural disaster is a given. You should want to investigate whether or not such a substantial investment will be worth it in the event of extreme weather. The good news is that as engineering and materials improve, solar panels are better able to withstand extreme weather, including hail, sleet, snow, rain — and yes — [...]

February 2021

What are the best Off-Grid Solar Water Heating Systems

Thermosiphon or Geyser Solar Water Systems Systems can be fully Off Grid depending on your situation. However you can have a 3kW immersion unit fitted into the tank if there is electricity available. Useful in extreme weather conditions or a night when there is limited  or no light to generate energy on the solar panel.These solar water heating systems are the most cost effective renewable technology. A very easy way of producing hot water due to their simplicity in [...]

April 2021

Lochinvar CIBSE – Wall Mounted Solar Water Heating

Neale-Wade Academy is a secondary school and sixth form with academy status in the market town of March, Cambridgeshire, England. As with many state schools, the current school was the product of a merger of a grammar school and a comprehensive school. The college can trace its history back to 1696 when William Neale left an estate, the income of which was to help educate 8 poor boys. In 1717, Henry Wade left £20 per annum to pay for [...]

May 2021

Laundry – Killing Energy Costs with Commercial Solar Water Heating

The How-To-Repair Group of Companies have a Solar Laundry in the Algarve, Portugal. The back end Commercial Laundry boasts many washing machines from numerous manufacturers. Test, Test & Test is what they do to find the Best Products to run video tutorials on their YouTube Channel.  Killing running costs & being Green is the ethos of their Sister Company Recycled-Appliances. The first and only laundry in Portugal running on 100% renewable energy. The Algarve boasts a magnificent all year-round climate, with [...]