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September 2022

thermal solar panel connection clamps

How to Connect Solar Water Heater Panel Extension Kits

When you set the panels out to connect the system, the sequence of connections is very important. The ‘Extension Kits Must be connected first before the ‘Installation Kit’. The LSP20+ extension kit connects each commercial solar water heating panel in the bank together. The solar panels join together using clamps and specialist solar O-Rings.

DHL London Gateway – Lochinvar Commercial Solar Water Heater

DHL Supply Chain has its own purpose-built depot, ‘London Thames Gateway’, a newly designed world-class distribution centre incorporating Lochinvar Commercial Solar Water Heating. The decision to come to London Gateway represents a major milestone in their strategy to combine value-added and management services with traditional fulfilment and distribution. Located at the heart of London Gateway’s Logistics Park, offering direct access to the United Kingdom’s most connected trade hub. With advanced port and rail terminals on site, Logistics Park occupants become [...]