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50+ years of manufacturing innovative commercial solar water heating systems. High Quality, durable thermal & vacuum panels with a Life Expectancy of 35+ years.

Having the correct knowledge and skills to install solar water heating systems is a vital part in becoming an approved installer. The panels come with a comprehensive warranty so it is very important that they are installed by professionally trained installers.

  • On-Site Training & Support in most Countries; Domestic, Self-build, Developer & Industrial.
  • We supply to over 69+ Countries through many established channels; ‘Private Label’ available subject to status & Country.
  • Accredited network of approved installers
  • Full Manufacturer Installation  Services available on request

Europe’s leading manufacturer of thermal technology.

Hot Solar Water and its associated Companies export solar water systems in over 69+ Countries. Thermal panels are used for domestic water, space, industrial heating processes and agricultural heating processes as well as for heating swimming pools of all shapes and sizes. 

Using the limitless energy contained in natural light Solar Panels offer a non polluting way of creating energy without creating emissions.

Engineered Solar Technology, certified to meet all applicable standards in the European Union, the United States of America, Canada and Korea as well as many other Countries.


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