Penzzance Cornwall – Hotel Heating

Penzzance Cornwall – Hotel Heating

Celtic Renewable Energy, Launceston, Cornwall designed and installed a solar water heating system for The Queens Hotel, Penzzance. This is a 70 bedroom hotel overlooking the Promenade in Penzance, Cornwall. Previously using  two Hoval boilers to heat the water for bedrooms, kitchen and the laundry. System comprised of (x14) TS300 solar collectors configured in two banks of seven on the fourth story  roof of the hotel.


These panels serve (x2) 500 L pre-heat cylinders, which in turn serve the Hoval boilers. Each cylinder is fitted with a stratification pump to run one hour in 24 for legionella protection. All the panels had to be craned to the top of the building and the hot water cylinders taken in through a specially “modified” window opening at the rear of the building


The solar water system is fully automated with a sophisticated digital controller to ensure optimum operation at all times, even during low light levels there will be solar gain to reduce the hotel’s energy costs.

The installation process took just four days to complete and interruption to hotel guests was  able to be kept to an absolute minimum during this time. During the first year of operation the total energy collected was measured at over 18,000 kWh, making a valuable contribution to the hot water supply to the hotel.

The decision to install a solar water heating system was in line with The Queens Hotel’s overall continuing commitment to environmental issues and energy conservation, for example, all of the light bulbs throughout the building had already been replaced with low energy bulbs. Many other measures are actively taken each day to improve the carbon footprint of the hotel.
Celtic Renewable Energy believe that green credentials need to be recognised, especially in the tourist industry, and with this aim we provided an interactive display board with information about the solar system.


This is situated in the main hotel reception area and visitors are able to use the remote controllers to discover just how efficient the system is and to view operating data. These remote controls do not upset the system program and are easy to use and understand.

Celtic Renewable Energy offer this facility at all their installations within the tourism sector.