Predict Solar Swimming Pool Heating Performance – 25 Years of local Weather Data

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Solar Monitoring Systems for Domestic & Commercial applications. 

Working with the latest Wi-Fi adapters we utilize existing solar controllers as well as building our own. These systems provide real-time temperatures and record the historical performance range for up to 5 years for solar swimming pool heating, commercial  and household water heating.

Professional Simulation Programming

For the design CIBSE and planning of solar swimming pool heating systems;

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  • Climate data for 8,000 locations Worldwide
  • Components: combination tanks, buffer tanks, domestic hot water supply, heating support, swimming pools, process heating, air collectors.

  • One or two collector arrays
  • Photo Plan: dimensioning and photo realistic presentation of the potential solar thermal system on the roof
  • Projects with multiple system variants
  • Solar fractions for heating and domestic solar water heating shown separately
  • User groups: solar installers, designers and heating engineers

Solar Swimming Pool Heating Simulation

Please contact us to discuss your simulation requirements.

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